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16.05.2021 -- Национална пътна карта за научна инфраструктура (2021-2027 г.)

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5.03.2021 -- Applying Big Data Analytics to Cybersecurity

Understand the challenge, know your enemy

A free Webcast from The Register
March 31, 2021 @ 9AM PST / 12PM EST

Upheaval always creates opportunity, and it’s often cyber criminals who are the first to exploit it.

Data volumes have exploded in recent years, creating a growing management challenge. And while it’s great to have all that big data moving around your systems, ready to mine, this also increases the chance it’ll find its way into the wrong hands. Just imagine the insights cybercriminals or bad state actors could derive from your customer data or core IP?

It doesn’t help that the rush to remote working has stretched and expanded attack surfaces. While we’ve all gotten used to new ways of working, it’s by no means certain that everyone has plugged the security gaps that the rush to remote opened up.

And, if you’re using the cloud – and who isn’t? – remember that while your cloud provider will happily agree to an SLA covering access to the service, protecting your data is your problem.

This all adds up to a big problem. So, it seems logical that big data might help to solve it. But how, exactly? Is it a question of analysing your systems for vulnerabilities? Or of analysing user behaviour and traffic for potential attacks? As always with big data, the biggest problem is knowing what you’re looking for in the first place.

Where do you start? Easy, simply tune into our upcoming webcast, Applying Big Data analytics to Cybersecurity. Proceedings will be overseen by our very own Tim Phillips, a technology veteran who has seen off more than a few big threats himself over the years.

Tim will be joined by Nutanix’s Kong Yang, who has deep experience in both security in general, and with the cloud and big data in particular. Together, they’ll dive into how big data can give us all a new angle when it comes to the latest threats and security trends, and how you can create a successful big data analytics security strategy.

All you need to do is drop a bit of small data into our registration page…

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If you’re interested but can’t make the date register here, and we’ll drop you a line when the recorded version is published.

5.03.2021 -- PRACE-ETP4HPC Workshop on HPC Education and Training for Industry Users

on 18th of March 2021 Online via Zoom Europe/Brussels timezone

HPC has been recognised as a strategic tool to increase European competitiveness in industry. This entails investment not only in infrastructure but also in skills development of the labour force, now and in preparation for future. While the provision of HPC education and training has tended to focus on an academic audience and the needs of the scientific research community, it is important to understand the HPC skills needs of industry and learn from past experiences of industry-targeted training. The objective of the workshop is to reflect and discuss potential activities that will lead to better planning of HPC education and training for industry, as well as informing future HPC education and training funding opportunities (e.g. the Advanced Digital Skills pillar of the Digital Europe programme). The topics at the workshop should encompass:

• Ways to engage with industry to capture/monitor skills needs, from surveys to oneto-one interviews
• Past models of successful engagements that involved training
• Approaches and activities that have been tried but did NOT work
• Current technological and talent trends in the industry – skills that are most in demand now and future; skills profiles of the speaker’s industry sector
• What education/training providers should focus on at different levels (primary/secondary levels, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, etc.)
• Suitable formats of delivery depending on audience and needs, e.g. degree programmes, short-format courses, mentorships, online/blended learning.
• Other personal perspectives from the speakers

The workshop welcomes all HPC training stakeholders – from training providers/funders to industry representatives who are training target audiences.


5.12.2020 -- Добавен singularity контейнер на QuTiP 4.5

Беше изграден и добавен singularity контейнер на QuTiP 4.5. Кратко описание за начина на изпълнение на задачи в среда на контейнери може да се намери тук

7.10.2020 -- MATLAB R2020b

Нова версия на MATLAB R2020b е достъпна като модул matlab/2020b